Looking Back at Photo Year 2013

New Year's Eve in Naples

New Year’s Eve in Naples

As I look back at 2013 from a photographic perspective I have to say that it was a very good year.  On all fronts I had amazing experiences creating images of families, nature, sports and many things in between. As an aspiring professional photographer I am so happy with the many areas that I have enhanced my photographic art skills. As with most photographers, I often find myself with creative blocks.  When I find myself in a creative block I usually find a cure through a different venue. It does not have to be far just different. During 2013 I found myself in Italy and found an instant cure for my creative block. My creative juices were definitely ignited during my travels to Rome and Venice. As I said, it does not need to be far, but a trip to Europe is always a sure fire way of fixing the photo blues.


During 2013 I also found myself enhancing my skills in the category of studio lighting.. The addition of some ProPhoto strobes definitely advanced my photography in ways I could not have imagined. One of my greatest advancements for the year was my animal subjects. The presence of 2 active Boxer puppies is a sure fire way of getting some light hearted subjects into your images. As you look through my galleries you will see many Boxers in my collection.  Sorry I could not help myself!


One of my favorite photo memories of 2013 was doing a family photo towards the end of the year. I was warned going into the shoot that the children that I were going to be my subjects were guaranteed not to smile for the camera. Well guess what? By the end of the session I had both children giggling and laughing.  It turns out that we all had a good time, not to mention the photos were some of my best work of the year. Smiles and children laughing always turn out to be amazing images to look at in both the present and the future.


So what is in store for 2014? Hopefully if I can have half the adventures and advancements that I had in 2013 I know the New Year will be another memorable one.

  • Susy Kim

    My kids were notorious for being terrible photographic subjects. Photo shoots were often tortuous events, laden with whines, awkward poses, and slim pickings. Vince Scanlan turned our annual tradition around by visiting the home, setting up shop, and bringing out the personalities of my children. He never made the kids feel like they were on display; he rather captured them in their natural element, snapping them the instant they shared a hug or a giggle or a moment of tenderness. He enlisted the help of his aides Jackie and Aidan to set up the perfect pose or hand them the perfect props to entertain their busy hands. For two years in a row, we have entrusted Vince to photograph our kids and preserve the memory of their childhoods for years to come!