My Photo Assistants

Those of you who know anything about photography know that to make great things happen you cannot do it alone. Since I have always prided myself on keeping my operation small I have limited the amount of helpers I have. So I have to let to in on a well kept secret. I have 8 of the best hands in the business. Well they are not actually hands, but close. Meet Addison Rae, and Jeyne Austin, the creative juices for Vince Scanlan Photography. While they cannot push a camera shutter or set up a studio light they offer other value to my business. They are the influence for all the smiles you will see in my photography. They are high energy fun loving Boxer puppies who stop at nothing to keep me entertained. Truth be told, they are the creative geniuses behind most of my photo composition. Whenever I need an opinion about photo perspective, Addison and Jeyne are right there provide feedback.

Eight Hands to Help

Eight Hands to Help

I feel fortunate to have such a staff working for me. They require very little compensation, just a couple of bowls of food a day and some treats occasionally. Unfortunately they are not always allowed to shoot on location with me. As you can tell from some of my photography, travel to far off places is often required. In those cases where they cannot come along I will just need to bring back slide shows of my trip and solicit feedback from both of them.


If you inclined to reach out to me for a photo engagement, be sure to specify if you want me or the whole team. The price will be the same, but the experience will be so much more fulfilling.

  • Susy Kim

    I enjoyed the other elves that you employed as well. Jackie always brought creative flair in the form of accessories to the table. Her sense for high fashion like diamond headbands and bejeweled necklaces brightened up our photo shoots. I cannot praise enough the entertainment value of Aidan who offered sticky candy canes and giggles to spontaneously set the tone for our family photos.